Can you show us a screenshot of your sims Amanda in CAS? You’ve done quite a great job on her, she looks very pretty and quite different from most gal sims I see on my dash.
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hi! you make such beautiful sims! care to share what your genetic defaults are? :D

You can find my genetic defaults at my resources page. 

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Hi, I'm new to your simblr and I just want to tell you that your page is amazing- it inspires me to pick up Sims again. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but do you/have you upload your works anywhere for download? I just love your creations, both houses and sims. :]
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Could you tell me where can I find the counter and the oven? /post/90662675163/ Thank you! :3

The oven is from Lisen, you can find it here, and the counter is from Buffsumm, but I have to ask you to look for it yourself since he has really a lot of creations and I don’t remember from which set I got it.

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I bulldozed the small shack of my Midnight Sun challenge and built a proper starter house so I could allow my sims to fulfill her basic needs and also to try a different style of decorating. 
I used to despise the task when comes the time to furnish and decorate my sims’ houses, because I never had the skill to match objects together harmoniously. But this time, I think I’m getting the hang of it, with the help Kayla’s (Ohevers) awesome and handy colour palettes. 
P.S.: The last time I played, the main character of my challenge, Deborah Bones had caught an octopus and a couple of seahorses, I was amazed at how cool those marine creatures look once mounted and hung on the wall :3.
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The Sims 4

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, I’ll try to find free time to play tomorrow and update my blog. Right now, I have nothing else to show you other than a picture of Amanda, my newest sims. 

After seeing lovely posts of Joedy’s Midnight Sun Challenge and many other simmers’, I decided to join the circle and do the challenge, too. I’m quite excited as this is the first time since months that I will be really enjoying the game.

I suck at writing introductions so anyways, this is Deborah Bones, the lead of this challenge, just your average fun, nerdy and neurotic gal. It’s very fun so far so I guess I could without doubt commit to five generations *fingers crossed*. 

Do you use an HQ Mod?

I have received many asks about this recently. No, I don’t use an HQ mod. I have tried Simsl3gacies’ HQ mod once but it made my game lag to the point where it’s just uncomfortable to play. I reckon I owe the good quality of pictures to my Photoshop actions and good ambient lighting…. mostly good lighting! I used the same action for several posts now, but I can’t always say that my pictures look great every time. About 80% of the outcome depends on how evenly and not too bright nor dark your pictures were from the start.

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Plumbots are my favourite things about the Into the Future EP.