can you please tell me where I can find this poster in [post/75529662141]? thanks

The poster is called Nova Baby from Pyxis. You can get it here.

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You are so pretty! Marry me?

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I adore your sims and your blog is so lovely. Will you make more sims more often?

Thank you <3, you’re very sweet. I’d really like to make more sims too but  I don’t play very often because I go to university in real life. But I’ll try to find some free time for it in the near future.

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After seeing lovely posts of Joedy’s Midnight Sun Challenge and many other simmers’, I decided to join the circle and do the challenge, too. I’m quite excited as this is the first time since months that I will be really enjoying the game.

I suck at writing introductions so anyways, this is Deborah Bones, the lead of this challenge, just your average fun, nerdy and neurotic gal. It’s very fun so far so I guess I could without doubt commit to five generations *fingers crossed*. 

still can't believe your playing on a mac with your settings on high! Plus you have cc and play in a big town! What are the EP or SP you have installed?

Have you messaged me before concerning this? If yes, I’m sorry I haven’t replied to you sooner, I tend to avoid answering anonymous messages as I don’t want to clutter up other people’s dash and my blog page. I own all of the Sims 3 expansion and stuff packs, and I have all of them installed except Katy Perry Sweet Treats SP as I find it quite useless.

I don’t have as much of custom contents as you think, I organize my Mods folder and remove unwanted cc through launcher frequently, to only keep what I really like and deem useful. I have about 1.2 Go in my DCCache and 240mo in my Mods folder. A quick tip, keep your hair and clothing CC in their own sub folder. When you intend to load the game to really play, keep certain files you need and drag these two folders elsewhere temporarily. Doing that definitely makes the game run smoother.

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Plumbots are my favourite things about the Into the Future EP.

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Sleepy Meadow Update #2.

Here are the first three houses I’ve built in the world. yay! They’re a mix of contemporary and New England-ish designs I guess? Other styles would be modern, historic/old-town-ish and maybe a few cabins. c:

And down below, you can see the final version of the beach/boardwalk. I’ve added a little lifeguard house just coz. And some firefly fog emitters (the light green dots at the edges, if you can’t see :P) that just make it so pretty at night. :3

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Simlish 80’s movie posters on a basegame mesh for The Sims 3.

Potpie at Gos made recolours for TS2 which I use a lot in my TS2 homes, but I needed them for my TS3 simmies homes and dorm rooms. I converted the original 3, and made 4 more.

They’re by no means perfect as I made them for myself, but because I haven’t shared anything for a while I thought I might as well upload them as someone else might get a kick out of them too :)

Original art by Jazzberry Blue and I used Alleliua’s handwritten simlish font.
Swatch is inside rar and files are clearly marked.



Reblog so I won’t loose it. 

Little Blog Update

I’m sorry I haven’t been active on Tumblr the past few weeks. Uni kept me away from opening the Sims. I’m also sorry about the state of my ask box, I will reply to WCIFs in the near future, but for now, I’ve finally finished my Resources page. Perhaps you may find what you’re looking for there

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Vimpse made me do it. ;)